About Me

I'm a Texas expat (from Austin, raised in Houston) living in London where I moved in 2011 with my husband, The Canadian, and our dog, Dacia (rhymes with gotcha) who is named for the train we took from Bucharest to Vienna in 2008, the Dacia Express.

A few random facts:

1) I love to cook, but only when I can cook for hours -- chopping, grating, seasoning. Cooking is a spiritual experience for me but I hate being rushed.  I also loving having multi-course dinner parties (with lots and lots and lots of wine....) And I love eating. I love it so much. Which is why I cook. So I can eat.

2) I'm in the dissertation phase of a Ph.D. in International Development.

3) I love to turn up the radio REALLY loudly and sing...but it's generally to songs that are from the 1980s.  I *love* the 80s.  (Can I hear an "Everybody Wang Chung tonight?!?!") I will also dance when I'm home alone. And sometimes, even to this day, I will grab a spatula and pretend I'm onstage.

4) I've recently taken up running. I'm VERY bad at it. I'm much better at (and prefer) swimming and yoga. But I figured I needed a new challenge, so here goes.

5) I lived in New Orleans for most of 2010 where I completed my coursework for my degree.  It is my second home and I am now an avid New Orleans Saints fan after sitting in a bar on Bourbon Street and watching them win the Superbowl. Geaux Saints!!!!

6) I have a lot of compassion for organizations who help felons. I used to sit on the board of one. I believe in many many chances in life.  Sometimes you get it on the 31st try. And that's ok.

7) My favorite city in the entire world is Paris.  I am happiest in the morning, sitting outside in a cafe, sipping a cafe au lait (sometimes cafe creme) eating a pain au chocolat, and reading a book in Paris.  That is my bliss.

8) I love books, libraries and bookstores. Those are spiritual places for me. Books saved my life when I was growing up and I will probably always have books around me for that reason.

9) James Bond makes me swoon.  Any of them. Except George Lazenby.  But all the rest....mmmmm....juicy. I also love spies and spy novels.  I still want to be a spy.  Really badly.

10) I love lima beans. With salt and butter.  Sometimes that's all I'll eat for dinner.

11) Kir Royale is my favorite drink in the world.

12) I had seven great-grandparents in the world when I was born.  And I still have a great-great Aunt who is 101 and who still lives in her own house and runs around on high heels.  She gave up driving at 97.

13) My sister is one of my favorite people on the planet and one of the smartest and most interesting people I know.  So is my brother-in-law. Who has an epic mustache.

14) I was married at sunset in a tiny town on the edge of Big Bend State Park with only 10 people at my wedding.

15) I have mad organization skills.  My labelmaker and I are best friends.